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Kids Love Kids Yoga

Workshops for Children 18 Months to 10 Years Old

Desert Song loves the children in our community and the kids love yoga at our studio! Our classes introduce children to the wonders of yoga, through music, dance, creative-play, toys, instruments and props. From snake pose to surfer pose, from sun-salutation to breath-work, children ages 18-months to ten years have an opportunity to practice in monthly workshops or through private consultation in a fun and safe environment with Mary Glover, early childhood educator and certified yoga instructor. Children 10 years and older with prior yoga experience are welcome to attend the adult yoga classes with supervised attendance.

Learn more about the following aspects of our Kids Yoga program:


All workshops are held monthly and parents must register children in advance.
Please contact our office at 602.265.8222 for more information, including dates and fees.

Parent/Young Child Yoga

(ages 18 months to 3 years)
Bolsters, blocks, rubber duckies, and parents are the props for our youngest yogis to begin their yoga practices. Lively music, drums, and rhythmic moves introduce young children to poses that develop body awareness. Parents delight in sharing their yoga practices with their children and top it off with quiet time and a snack at the end of each class. Each child must have a parent. Class is limited to 10 children.

Yoga For The Young  & Restless

(ages 3-6)
This workshop for young children is the bridge between the Parent/Young Child workshop (18 months to 3 years) and the Kids 4 to 10 class offered on Tuesday afternoons. The workshop offers a selection of active, high energy yoga games, as well as introductory practice with breathing and relaxation techniques. Parents are invited to join in or children who are reliably potty trained may attend independently.

Private Consultation

Mary Glover, MA Elem Ed, CYI, RYT, offers private consultations to children at Desert Song.
It is well known that yoga has therapeutic value for adults, and the same is true for children. In a world where demands on children are increasing and the incidence of autism is now one in every 150 children, yoga offers unique possibilities as a therapy for developmental challenges. Integrated Movement Therapy (IMT), an approach developed at the Samarya Center in Seattle, attends to the needs of the whole person. IMT has a healing focus that addresses these six core principles:

  • Structure and continuity
  • Language stimulation
  • Physical stimulation
  • Self-calming
  • Social interaction
  • Direct self-esteem building

Each session with a child incorporates all of these principles through relaxation techniques, breath awareness, and games using yoga poses that stimulate physical, language and social development. Every child is seen as a whole, perfect being, not participating in therapy to be “fixed,” but to become more present to the divine essence that resides in each of us.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact the office at 602.265.8222.


Chris Schnick – Oona, Hetta & Dylan’s Dad

“My daughter, Oona, has been going to Kids Yoga at Desert Song since she was four. She was in Mary Glover's first Tuesday kid-yogi class two years ago and has been a weekly yogi ever since. She enjoys the obstacle courses and loves handstands. She especially enjoys Mary's challenges of new and increasingly difficult poses. Mary is a kind and helpful yoga teacher; the thoughtful structure of her classes and years of teaching experience allow her to adapt to meet the needs of everyone in the class. She is attentive to each child, helping them enjoy and be engaged in yoga and, if they are ready, to advance in it. Now, at seven, Oona likes being challenged. She is particularly proud of being able to do a shoulder stand on chairs, and she brings what she learns from Mary home. Many times I hear a bang-bang on the front door and walk into the other room to see Oona doing handstands against the door or her favorite pose: a backbend, then a walk up the door and a push off to send her feet over and back to the ground. In fact, any bit of empty wall space in our house usually has footprints on it! Oona tells me yoga relaxes her. I have noticed that yoga has helped her physical self-confidence, as well - the way she moves, climbs, even tumbles, and I can see that confidence contributing to a more positive self-esteem.

Her 4 1/2 year old siblings, Hetta and Dylan, have just started going to Mary's Saturday Kids Yoga. In their most recent class, they loved ‘ice skating’ in socks, and then, when the music stopped, shifting into balancing poses like tree or airplane. They both report that Mary is good at teaching them yoga and helps kids who fall over.

I feel so good about my kids going to yoga with Mary at A Desert Song. Moving, relaxing, becoming still,'s a special thing that they have inside of them, helping them as they continue to become who they are.”

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